That's me, in Seville - Spain.

👋 Hello there

My name is Wassim — I’m the guy behind FastJam. I'm a self-taught web designer & full-stack developer from sunny Tunisia. I live in Lyon, France.

I have been building websites for more than a decade — since I was 15 years old. I worked as a software developer at different companies in different industries and I was climbing the ladders of life until I got diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in summer 2019.

Today, I'm fully recovered thankfully, but I had some life realizations which motivated me to work on something of my own and try to be financially independent.

I started working on different side projects, and FastJam is one of them. My mission at FastJam is to build a fast and modern web.

With Google's Announcement about Core Web Vitals becoming a ranking factor in May 2021, website performance will have a critical impact on every online business.

I believe that Jamstack can cope with this huge challenge. The Jamstack architecture has many benefits, whether you’re building a large e-commerce site, SaaS application, or personal blog.

Besides the on-demand Jamstack service I offer here at FastJam, I also design and code beautiful landing page templates and make them available for free!

I believe that every founder should have the opportunity to show off his work and product(s) professionally, without the need to spend a lot of money.